family legacy missions international.

“The true meaning of life is to plant trees,
under whose shade you do not expect to sit.”
– Nelson Henderson

Laura & Matt Powers donate an annual gift to Family Legacy Missions International.  This gift will be applied towards education, housing, medical care, clothing and food for the children they love in the slum of Mtendere, Lusaka, Zambia.

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HOPE!! Due to the scourge of HIV/AIDS and the extreme poverty that breeds hopelessness and despair, Zambia had become home to the largest percentage of orphans in any country in the world. Over one million orphaned children in a land of only 12 million. Zambia was a land in crisis, on the brink of destruction and the children were quickly becoming a lost and abandoned generation. Family Legacy was founded in September of 2000. Their mission is dedicated to one goal: transforming the nation of Zambia one child at a time. The Powers family serves as summer missionaries and has taken an active role in building homes in the Tree of Life Orphanage and is also ambassadors for over 100 orphans.