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Once you complete the information we will use factual data to compare your home’s features to like-properties in the immediate area. Adjustments to the price may be suggested after an official walk-thru, but this market snapshot will get you started. We are here to serve and help you determine what your home is worth. We will include the average asking price, average sales price, average days on the market, and detailed inventory statistics to help you determine if it is a buyer’s or seller’s market. Once you receive your market snapshot, make sure you use the map view to analyze the comparable home for sale included in your market snapshot. The is powerful information we are happy to provide for you.

“Top notch and very professional from the original listing presentation to the blending of technology to market the property.  The 3D walk through allowed potential buyers that couldn’t visit feel like they were there. I loved that our property was seen by so many potential buyers.  We saw our property listed on websites from all over the world in multiple languages.  Her organization and ability to stay one step ahead made it a great experience. I highly recommend Laura and her whole team!” Scott